date 3 March 2021 update Upd: 17 February 2022 reading time 1 min views 273 views

On 24 February in Buenos Aires, SAGSE announced the best operators, suppliers, and leaders in the gaming industry in South America.

EvenBet Gaming has become the developer of a Best Poker Platform for the online sector. The winners were defined by the anonymous vote of more than 2300 industry professionals, including regulators, operators, and vendors. The results were announced during the long-waited live SAGSE show at the Hipodromo Argentino de Palermo racetrack.

The voters were choosing the companies, which have made the most notable impact in the region during the challenging 2020 and have successfully navigated through the global crisis.

We are thankful to everyone who voted for EvenBet! We aim to continue our poker platform improvement and to strengthen our presence in the South and Latin American countries.