date 14 August 2023 reading time 2 min views 350 views

New fun-boosting features, including video chat and throwables, aim to increase engagement and create a more entertaining user experience.

Three headline interactive features will please both casual and professional poker players.

Video chat allows streaming directly to the poker table using a camera and microphone, sharing emotions and discussing the game in real-time. Available at selected tables, it brings online poker as close to a live experience as ever.

Throwable objects complement animated emoji reactions at the table. A player may throw an animated virtual object into the opponent at the table to express feelings in a quick amusing way.

The third new feature, Bomb Pot, adds an element of surprise to the game. When it appears at the specially marked table, at any time during the game, the players have to add additional money to the pot, increasing the win. The bigger the prize, the more excitement!

To learn more about new features and schedule a demo, contact us or send a message to [email protected].