date 15 August 2019 update Upd: 3 December 2021 reading time 1 min views 349 views

In 2019, we have changed our platform RNG to the faster and more secure one. Recently, it was certified by one of the main certification laboratories. Enjoy the true randomness!

For a while, EvenBet Poker server had been using SIMD Fast Mersenne Twister RNG. Now, it is ISAAC. What does that mean? Cards shuffling is faster, and it’s nearly impossible to interfere with the algorithm work. If that’s not enough for your project, our system also supports hardware RNGs.

In August 2019, we have obtained certification for the new RNG by iTech Labs Australia. The new certificate is valid for several main iGaming markets including the UK, Columbia, Italy, and Spain.

Contact us to learn more about licensing EvenBet Poker software for your jurisdiction or more software details.