date 28 February 2019 update Upd: 18 February 2022 reading time 1 min views 225 views

Introducing new exclusive feature for EvenBet Poker platform: Double Chance. It helps to increase the operators’ rake up to 2x, while users get more chances to win and to see flops more frequently.

Double Chance poker allows a player who doesn’t want to increase the bet at the preflop, join the parallel table for a minimal ante. In case the winner is defined at the preflop stage, with this feature he has a chance to double the winnings. Due to this, users stay in the game longer, see more flops and generate more rake.

In Rapid poker games (fast fold types) players have even more ways to act, which creates an unbelievably deep engagement and increases both profits and loyalty.

To learn more about Double Chance poker, contact our team. To see the available variety of games, check the online demo.