date 26 November 2013 update Upd: 18 February 2022 reading time 2 min views 239 views

We are finishing our work on two addictive poker games that gain popularity among top poker professionals and aficionados of all skill levels. Chinese Poker and its variant called Open-Face Chinese Poker will be on a market as a desktop game and social game for Facebook, Vk, and Odnoklassniki.

They can be installed as stand-alone games or played as additional games in the main game room. The games boast a safe, secure server and visually appealing interface.

The games have many features of an “exciting” gambling game. They hook quickly and inspire strong initial reactions. Open-Face Chinese Poker requires a lot of strategy in the beginning and middle game, while the end game is more mathematical. Chinese Poker is an example of a real gamble.

The poker games see players dealt 13 cards from a standard 52 card deck and having to arrange them into hands of five, five and three cards, with the strongest closest to the player. The goal is to make the strongest possible hand, accumulate as many royalties as possible without fouling. The games are typically played as a four-person game, though they can also be played with two or three. The games are often played as side games in large poker tournaments with stakes sometimes as high as $5,000. By the way our friend Phil Ivey also plays Chinese Poker!