date 21 April 2020 update Upd: 3 December 2021 reading time 1 min views 283 views

From April 27 to May 1 SBC Events will organize their first virtual conference, exhibition, and networking. We will be exhibiting, speaking and hosting a networking poker tournament for delegates.

On Tuesday, April 28 EvenBet Gaming CEO Dmitry Starostenkov will speak at the panel discussion “Poker to the Rescue?” starting at 11:30 CET. Join to learn if online poker may offer a way out of the no-sports crisis for betting operators and what modern poker solutions have to offer to players.

Just after the end of the conference day on Tuesday, poker tournament hosted by EvenBet Gaming will start. Don’t miss a chance to unwind after the tough past weeks and enjoy a play! The entry details will be sent to the summit delegates.

And for all the five summit days, the company representatives will be available for chat and discussion in the virtual booth. Look for us at the Exhibition Hall!

To book your summit ticket, visit SBC Events. See you there!