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Social casinos are on top. While governments push new gambling restrictions and try to make gambling entrepreneurs life harder, social networks remain a safe and populated aisle for gaming projects owners. If you are based in a country where all online gambling activities are prohibited, even the best online casino software may not be sufficient to succeed. In this case, you may start a social casino on Facebook, get some profit from it – and it is absolutely legal.

Let us find why a social casino is a good and safe idea for both players and owners.

Safe Data = More Trust

Players feel much safer when they know that some tech giant like Facebook or Google than a relatively small website they have found just the other day stores their data. Yes, some of them have a glimpse that they use casino gaming software and that they are seen in your outside database either. Nevertheless, they trust their names, emails and friends’ lists to Facebook apps more eagerly.

Here’s the example of EvenBet Casino social game on Facebook. Over 70% of users that have found our game at the app store have installed it. For our competitors, this number is at least over 50%. That’s huge, compared to web casinos.

Game Acceptance: game launches from app store game page

The social network also takes all the responsibilities for users’ notification. You should have seen all that pop-ups with notice that some app needs to get access to your profile and will not make any publications. That’s what makes all the following operations with users data legal for the casino owner. You may use emails for newsletters, profiles database for retargeting, and so on – thanks to Facebook.

Safe Payments, Globally

When you have a social casino, you don’t need to process payments: you’ll use the built-in social payment systems. They are country-specific, adapted for different audiences and easy to use – generally, they have everything a casino user needs. Very few computer gaming software providers and standalone casinos can meet these criteria.

You need to know that Facebook will take a relatively huge commission – up to 30% on each payment. Payment processing operators take much less, but (a) you need to convince users to pay to some outer less known website, (b) you’ll need to handle all payments technical issues on your own, and (c) integrate processing into your gaming software – and sometimes it is hard as hell. Knowing that, the commission doesn’t seem that huge, does it?

Less Fraud

Social casino owners are more protected from fraud and malicious actions. To start playing, a user must first register with a social network (use real and unique email, sometimes – a real and unique phone number, fill some personal details). Only then, he can get access to the game. This makes a traffic a bit safer.

Sure, you cannot eliminate negotiated games or chips dumping but the fraud protection system in EvenBet Gaming software helps with it.

Easy and Safe Promotion With Built-In Instruments

Social platforms are overall great for games promotion. Just see what you have included by default:

  • Social features in the game itself to get new users, reach an audience and make the user experience much more fun. In EvenBet social games, these are friends invitation system, gifts, leaderboards, etc.
  • App Stores in social networks, like the Facebook app store. Even without any other marketing activity, submission for the official social network app store makes a long way. For example, we have received a submission approval for our social poker app at the end of September 2014, and October was the most extraordinary month. If supported with more promotion actions, the effect would last much longer. Anyway, since that, we always had more users, more payments, and more interactions than before submission.Users number before and after submission
  • Official pages and groups for game support, content promotion, and announcements – basically free! If you provide subscribers with quality content and give relative calls to action, you’ll notice the growing page reach and growing number of game visitors from story clicks on game stats (stories are posts on Facebook).
  • Relatively non-expensive and easy to setup targeted advertising system to expose your game exactly to the right people. Do not rush into paid ads before app submission and creating the official page. Get the first game audience, analyze it and use the geography and interests data to target new similar users.

All these built-in instruments are clever enough to suit the tightest budget (and some of them suit even zero budget). So your marketing becomes safe either.

What Is Gaming Software for Safe Social Casino?

If you are new to the gambling business look for turnkey systems with customizing potential. The initial well-tested functionality will help you to start from scratch and learn faster, but you may still have a chance to make improvements and additions to the game when needed.

That’s what we here at EvenBet Gaming are aiming to provide.