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When you decide to buy online gaming software from a reliable vendor instead of developing your own from scratch, you need to make many decisions.

  • Do you need a turnkey gaming system for sale or just a base for future in-house development?
  • What features should your main gaming platform include?
  • Would you use software “as is”, or would you add custom options to it?

For the last question, we definitely recommend saying “Yes” to the customizable solutions, and here’s why.

4 Main reasons why you’d choose customizable gaming software

1. To differentiate is to have at least one advantage

We all have seen dozens of poker rooms and casinos that look the same and apparently use the same poker gambling software. They have unrecognizable design and set of options, appear and disappear without anyone noticing. Do you really want to be one of many?

Adding custom features to the turnkey package guarantees that you’ll have well-tested and stable software that will not be just the same. At least, you can add your own design to online poker software to emphasize your brand.

2. To find a niche

In many cases, offering only a good poker room may not be enough. Users number may dramatically increase if you offer a good poker room with some specific twist like a first desktop and social poker room with Urdu language support or a safari-style casino with special designs and features adaptation.

Ensure that your users will remind at once, why your game is special.

3. To realize unique and new ideas

Do you have a groundbreaking idea of a new poker option that no existing room has? Don’t let it be wasted! Have you ever been thinking “Why these casinos don’t let users do that and this?” Let it come into reality!

4. Enhance your existing audience loyalty and satisfaction

Let us imagine that you have started successfully. As the time passes, you get more and more users feedback, analyze their experience, and track different game features usage. Once there comes a moment you realize: you need to add something to your gaming project. Instead of looking for new gambling software systems, you may order just a single feature development: a very budget-saving option.

What do we customize at EvenBet Gaming solutions?

  • Design and skins. The customizing basics – the casino or poker room looks. Each turnkey software package we provide includes a white label license (that means we’ll add your logo and change colors free). However, over that, you may want to have specific tables design, or change animation, add 3D graphics elements, even create a new main lobby elements layout. For a customizable poker and casino room, everything’s possible.In our portfolio, many customers integrated a special design to their poker game software. Check Vegas with its 3D graphics, social PokerDom client or stylish Broadway Blitz interface. All these projects have a unique look, not just a logo changed.
  • Games and tournament types. Choose any games in the package you like and over that! If you can add an exclusive game developed for you to your offer, your chances to succeed boost.That’s a very important option for local markets and specific audiences. At EvenBet Gaming, by the customer’s demand, we have created such locally popular games as Teen Patti (Indian and Southeastern Asian favorite) or Pai Gow poker (adapted Chinese domino game).In addition, we are constantly adding new game types to our offer and let our customers get what they really need.
  • Game features. Give users more data on their games, add new elements to the lobby and tables, try new ideas.
    We have been implementing extended statistics modules, various instruments to increase users loyalty and retention – from notifications to waiting lists, payment options, and more.

Question of Finance

How much does custom development services cost?

Most of the developers including EvenBet Gaming estimate the number of person-hours needed for a specific options development and count the final costs. We do not recommend anyone to seek for the smallest person-hour costs. If the developer is too cheap he’ll probably spend more time doing his job. Therefore, you’ll win nothing in money, but lose time to start.