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With the rapid development of the iGaming industry and the growing popularity of online poker, numerous online casinos have started incorporating white-label software and it comes as no surprise. With such software, you can attract more customers and create an environment with perfect conditions. EvenBet Gaming is exactly a provider you are looking for when it comes to favourable conditions for customers. The company offers a wide range of advantages to online casinos. We will talk about the main factors that make online poker software decent.

Details to consider

Choosing the correct provider of services is pivotal. You need to pay attention to numerous factors before deciding which platform you are going to select. Let’s have a look at the main criteria. 


Undoubtedly, the security and safety of customers, as well as the platform itself, are vital to ensure the best experience for clients. If there is no certain protection from hackers, fraud or cheating, then the company will lose a lot of money, thus the authority of online poker software will be jeopardized. 


When we talk about adjustability, we mean the overall architecture of the platform itself which is necessary to run the business decently. EvenBet Gaming boasts of having high-performance and scalable servers which ensure smooth performance. 

Promotional system 

No wonder, customers are always looking for additional incentives and bonuses. The flexibility of the bonus system that comes with poker software makes the management process even more exciting. If bonuses and promotions are nicely laid out it only emphasizes the reputation of software.


English is a dominant and primary language in the world, but Internet gambling is developing rapidly in other countries as well. Because of that, it is always a good idea to include as many languages as possible in the software. EvenBet truly holds leadership positions in this regard, as there are numerous languages to choose from.

User Experience and Design

Another important factor is the visual side and the simplicity of navigation. They are both strongly connected with each other and the absence of one directly impacts the other one. The poker software should be designed in such a way that attracts more customers with its visual side. The ease of navigation inside the platform or the client app is necessary as well. 


The platform should be compatible with both Desktop and Web apps. This is a huge asset for online poker software. EvenBet Gaming poker platform supports a downloadable client for macOS and Windows. 

Variety of games

It may seem a little surprising but poker is not the only game that comes with a platform. There are diverse options of different casino games including slots, blackjack, roulette, and more. The list is immense and it is up to a particular company which products it will offer to customers. 


In any kind of software, whether we are talking about a casino or something else, the support team plays a massive role. In the case of complications, or specifying a particular subject, operators need to be able to contact the support group rapidly to get the answers to their questions. This is another feature of a decent poker software platform. 

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