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In summer 2018, we have made a lot of fuss in iGaming industry news with the new project started on EvenBet Poker platform – NoLimitCoin Poker. It is a crypto poker project that has one ground-breaking feature – it takes no rake.

Read the case to learn how it is possible and what else we have done to help NoLimitCoin succeed.

The Task. What is NoLimitCoin and why poker?

In 2017, a group of enthusiasts has launched a cryptocurrency start-up. The new currency was created specifically to be used in the iGaming projects and was named NLC2 – NoLimitCoin.

Soon after that, the start-up has introduced daily fantasy sports platform based on NLC2 use. The interest to the project was so high, that the coin has demonstrated a booming growth for several months. In 2018, the same team has decided to gain more attention to the coin with poker, and the chose EvenBet Gaming as a software vendor.

Why poker? It was a pretty obvious choice, since it is a skill-based game – as well as daily fantasy sports, and their audiences are much more similar than DFS and slots players. NoLimitCoin could make the best use of the existing database, plus attract more new users. Despite the much-discussed “stagnation” of the online poker market, it has its stable and loyal audience which is huge.

What’s New and Unique?

The most interesting thing and the biggest poker market advantage of NoLimitCoin poker is that it is rake free. Zero rake, for all cash games and tournaments. No money is taken from the pot, no any commissions for users. Every coin you win is 100% yours.

The reason it has become possible at all is using NLC2 as the only game currency. The platform owners are keen to earn from NLC2 growth and from building the active users community around it. That is an absolute win-win model.

For this, we have integrated a new currency into EvenBet Poker platform and added an easy way to cash it in and out.

The project is using HTML5 web client software that allows users to play from any devices with a modern browser. It is a universal solution that is intended to maximise the audience by giving players the freedom to play anytime and anywhere. In terms of the finance, all types of stacks are available, starting from micro limits. Poker never was that affordable!

In addition to that, NoLimitCoin uses extended personalisation options. Access to the specific games and financial options may be limited by user’s location; that helps to create unique events and to keep the project compliant to the gaming laws and restrictions.

Marketing and First Results

For promotion, NoLimitCoin has used the support of poker star Johnny Chan, WSOP winner and famous pro player. In their campaigns, they stressed the fact that the platform is rake free, and it worked well.

The very first tournament they have run attracted over 500 players, and the number of active users is continuously growing. Let’s keep an eye on them because the project demonstrates how truly innovative online poker business models might be.