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A brief guide on gaming software integration, as we do it in EvenBet Gaming development office.

Today, the iGaming world is moving to universal omnichannel solutions that combine different gaming mechanics and several types of online entertainment. The diversity or death, that’s what happens.
In this situation, gaming platform and integration providers proliferate. Here at EvenBet Gaming we also notice that integration options are becoming increasingly popular.


Finally, if you have succeeded with one iGaming business type, you have better chances to become highly successful with another one. You already have a user database, experience in gaming marketing and a lot of industry contacts – it would be a shame not to use these advantages!

What can you integrate?

Nearly everything into everything. All solid gaming solutions providers support API integration into the third-party platforms or into their own software. The most popular iGaming combinations include:

  • Sports Betting and Daily Fantasy Sports software
  • Poker game software (здесь ссылка: and Casino games
  • Cyber Sports and Daily Fantasy Sports software
  • Sports Betting and Poker, Casino and Virtual Games
  • Live and Classic Poker Games
  • Everything into one Gaming Platform

Why would you integrate?

  • To boost user acquisition and retention
  • To get more profit from a single user
  • To build an outstanding innovative gaming ecosystem

How is the integration performed?

Basically, there are two ways to unite different providers’ software. Let’s imagine that you are a casino games operator and want to add our poker website software to your package. You’ll need to choose from the two main options:

  • use casino games system as the main platform and integrate poker into it,
  • or use poker as the leading system and add casino games.

The choice usually depends on the fact which platform is easier to manage. Say, EvenBet Gaming poker or ant other top poker software may have better and more flexible back-end when compared to a specific casino games set. Otherwise, you may already use a comprehensive casino gaming platform with tons of options and huge integrations capabilities; then you are free to choose it as a leading system.

User authentication, account balance updates, and other inter-game interactions are performed using API and do not depend on which system is chosen as the main one.

For example, with EvenBet Gaming API, operators may perform all necessary operations for all platforms using poker room management software or any other backend:

  1. Manage users
  2. Manage user balance
  3. Manage tables and tournaments
  4. Receive events notifications
  5. Organize transparent authorization (OAuth)
  6. Integrate systems’ balances at the levels of a money transfer or a common wallet.

The integration costs

When talking about the initial setup costs, the integration will not save you a cent. More than that, depending on the existing platform demands, it may cost you more than starting a project from zero due to custom development works needed to perform an integration.

Savings will come later. You’ll be constantly saving on marketing since you’ll be using the same brand, platform, and user database. You’ll save on staff costs: adopting and using a single gaming platform to manage your project is obviously cheaper than using two or three of them. Single payments processing, players and website support… everything that would be unified will increase your profit.

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