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Whether you are a poker pro who wants to upgrade their game or a poker enthusiast looking for an edge over other players, poker room software is a handy and often necessary tool. A quality poker analytics solution can make a real difference when playing in the competitive world of online poker.

With it, you can work on your game by gathering invaluable stats and data that you would otherwise find super-hard to do on your own. Moreover, since other players are using poker room management software too, ignoring these analytics tools will significantly impair your prospects of winning.

What is poker room software?

When people say poker room software, they usually refer to one of two things – bespoke poker platforms created for online poker clubs and casinos and different types of programmes that provide players with data about their gameplay. Let’s talk about the latter.

Poker club software collects, organises, and stores quantifiable data about your previous online poker sessions. You can use that information to improve your chances of winning. The data you get from poker analytics tools is presented in various forms, including results, reports, and graphs, and all stats are organised in categories, meaning you can analyse things like:

  • Preflop raise percentages (PFR)
  • Raised first in ratios
  • Played preflop 3-bets
  • Percentage of hands you voluntarily played preflop (VPIP), etc.

These stats allow you to track your performance and give you a better idea about the type of player you are, whether you enter pots frequently or want to set the pace of the game early and play against fewer opponents.

Poker club software also allows you to break down stats by position. That means you can study your previous poker decisions when you were in early, mid, and late positions.

Lastly, with poker room software, you can look at information from just one session or a larger sample of games, such as the most recent 100 hands or your entire poker history.

As you can imagine, having access to this much information often comes at a price, and online poker club software is rarely free. The good thing, though, is that most poker software solutions of this kind are reasonably priced, and the majority of poker players can afford them.

Why use poker club software

Poker club software is widely available, and a lot of players use it. But should you? Well, if you want to take playing poker to the next level, poker software is definitely something you should consider. Similarly, if you are thinking about turning your online poker hobby into a more sustainable wagering endeavour, online poker software is the way to go.

Let’s look at some of the perks of playing with a poker copilot:

  • Measurable data – it is very difficult to keep track of all the numbers and stats while playing online poker games where the stakes may be sky-high. With poker club management software, though, you get to enjoy each second and, once the hand is played, you get invaluable data on a silver platter.
  • Stats that are easy to take in – There aren’t many poker players that are prepared to go through heaps of data and stats. However, if that same information is presented in visually-appealing graphs that are pretty straightforward to understand, things change, and poker players suddenly become much more interested in analysing their past performances.
  • Diagnose and fix weaknesses in your game – Being aware of your mistakes and shortcomings can go a long way to making you a better poker player. One of the perks of data management software for poker rooms is that your mistakes are so easy to see that it is hard to ignore them or not try to fix them.
  • Speed up the learning process – it takes time to become a poker pro. Even the best players had to ply their trade for years before entering the big leagues. However, using online poker software dramatically accelerates the poker learning curve and makes you a better player twice as fast.

Can you win without poker room software?

You can often hear conservative poker players grieving for the days when things like poker software weren’t a thing. So, it comes as no surprise that many old-line poker aficionados don’t use poker room management software. Of course, they continue to play, and often succeed. So, why shouldn’t you?

Well, even though players who don’t use poker copilot programmes win hands, they might not win as often as they did in the past. That’s because, unlike traditionalists, many other players use poker software. That puts them in a better position than their opponents’ right from the start.

So, yes, you can play poker without the help of any software. You might not even notice any difference in your game. However, if you want to keep up with your opponents and compete on a level playing field, you shouldn’t discard online software so easily.

Another reason why poker analytics tools make sense is to improve your success when playing on multiple tables. Staying on top of things when multi-tabling is quite challenging. You can try hard, but single-table players will always be more focused on what is happening on their table than you, playing multiple tables at the same time.

Poker room software helps you counter that and allows you to keep up with all the information coming your way. As a result, you have a better idea of the types of players you are facing at each table and can think about how to beat them.

Risks of Using Poker Room Management Software

Please be aware that some poker sites don’t allow players to play while using the software before you start using a poker analytics tool. Your best bet is to contact customer service before joining an online casino or poker room and ask help desk staff if you get in trouble for using it.

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