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The sad truth behind the igaming business is that no one will give you money just because you have launched an awesome online casino with provably fair games and stunning design. No player will like a casino without them, but while choosing between those who have it all marketing rules.

In many cases, you don’t need to spend thousands on advertising or have an army of managers to promote your casino. You just need to choose a casino game software with the most popular gaming marketing tools integrated into it.

What would you like to have inside?

1. Affiliates and Partners System

Spreading the word of mouth online is always working. When those who do get a reward for every time it works, they sound loud and convincing.

Affiliates and partners systems for online poker rooms and casinos work the same way: an affiliate gets a special link or referral code to be used by new players he refers to the casino. When these players make a deposit and play, affiliates (partners) get a revenue share or a deposit percent.

To get a partners program for your casino, ask your software provider the following questions:

  • What kinds of rewards has the program?
  • What types of reports will you and the affiliates receive? Will affiliates have their own back office?
  • Can you setup and change revenue share or deposit percent?
  • Does the vendor offer any affiliates resources (sample website, banners, etc.)?
  • Can you have multi-level affiliates?

In EvenBet Gaming, we are proud to offer a tailored and fully customizable partners system. It includes complete partners reports and dashboard, multi-level affiliates system, and sample affiliates websites. Some providers offer standalone igaming affiliate software, but we have it integrated into the main casino system.

2. First Deposit Bonus Program

Making a deposit in a new poker room is always a kind of risky unless you know a dozen of real people playing there for months. Happens rare, isn’t it? Why don’t you promise a newbie to double his deposit and get his trust?

Let’s see how it works, on EvenBet Gaming casino games software example.

The new player makes a first deposit (room owner limits minimum and maximum amounts for a bonus). As he plays real money cash games and tournaments, he gets special game points that are used to receive the bonus. As long as he gets enough points, he may receive whole bonus sum or its part.

3. Daily Bonus and Balance Refill

If deposit bonus is not enough to attract as much new poker lovers as you want – give them freebies.

You may add play money games to your room and either setup automatic play money balance refill or give users play money daily bonus whey they log into the room. You may even go further and give users small real money daily bonus (like depending on previous player’s activity).

These bonuses will make players stay with you even at zero balance until they make another deposit. The bonus sizes are managed with the igaming software.

You may check play money daily bonus in our social gaming client demo, and play money balance refill – in a desktop client demo. As for real money rewards, PokerGrant marketing initiatives are a good implementation example.

EvenBet Gaming may develop and add into the software package any new bonus system you want to have.

4. Freerolls

There’s no way to reach experienced players hearts like letting them fell the excitement of a big tournament with any investments into it.

Don’t avoid freerolls and use all your marketing and PR resources to promote them for a “hot” audience – on the specialized websites, forums and into the poker players communities. You’ll be rewarded with a flow of new tournament players, and many of them sooner or later will be ready to pay. Moreover, the winners will use their winnings to play more.