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According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), the iGaming industry grew by 40% last year compared to the previous one. Entrepreneurs from the gambling industry are betting on online gambling platforms, and the demand for companies that make bitcoin gambling websites is constantly growing. More and more iGaming companies are moving online, and making online crypto casinos and gambling websites of their own.

What is Crypto Gaming

Cryptogaming is a type of online gambling in which players bet and profit not in traditional fiat currencies, but in cryptocurrencies. To top up their gaming accounts, players transfer crypto funds from their wallets to the gaming platform’s wallet. At the same time, cryptocasinos feature a number of advantages compared to gaming platforms working with fiat.

The Advantages of Crypto Casinos

The introduction of cryptocurrencies has given rise to a new area of online gambling – crypto gaming. Cryptocurrencies offer online platforms more flexibility, and users can easily and quickly fund their account on the gaming platform and start playing.

Here are the advantages of cryptocasinos over gaming sites based on fiat:

  • First, crypto casinos make it much easier and faster to deposit funds to players’ accounts: a player only needs to register at the casino’s website and send their crypto assets to the account via the blockchain. For instance, depositing bitcoins takes only 10 minutes, not to mention other cryptocurrencies that feature shorter transaction times;
  • Transparency. Any player can easily and at any moment check the status of their payment and be sure their funds have been delivered to the destination. The fact is that users of any crypto network can check the status of their transactions at any moment. When the status is confirmed, that means their funds have been successfully credited to the destination address. This makes it almost impossible to manipulate transactions and/or funds, both on users’ and the crypto platforms’ side. Likewise, when withdrawing their crypto, players can also know for sure whether the payment has been processed;
  • No need to open a bank account: crypto wallets are opened with no personal details needed, and they are not linked to the player’s identity;
  • Decentralisation. Gambling platforms can be built on blockchain. Blockchain allows you to store virtual game assets (tokens, NFT prizes, accounts, and so on) and use them in other games built on the same blockchain. In addition, the mere fact of having NFTs allows players to trade them and even earn extra income.

How to Start an Online Crypto Gambling Business

When entrepreneurs wonder how to start a bitcoin crypto casino, they must take into account several aspects that must be done to get started. In this case, they include not only technical aspects, but also legal ones.

Getting a license. The first thing to do is applying for a licenсe to operate a local casino, as without such a licenсe your business will be considered illegal and your finances will be at risk, or you will be fined. Usually, your gaming license is issued by your regulatory body, but if you want to handle cryptocurrencies, you also need to get a Curacao gambling license.

The process of applying for a license takes time and much effort, as the regulatory agency must evaluate and determine whether all legal requirements have been met.

Partnership with Platform Providers

The next step to take is to partner with a platform provider. This important step should be considered carefully, without rushing, as it will greatly affect your project later on.

A good platform provider will offer a platform that suits you and your requirements, and which has a solid reputation in the gambling business.

Games accessibility

No matter how well designed and organized your platform is, few people will use it if there are not many games on it. It is very important to provide your potential customers with a large selection of well-known games that appeal to a wide audience, or to a specific market audience. Depends on where you are planning to operate.

From a business perspective, you should introduce and provide a variety of games that make your online gambling business stand out from the competitors. You can take your chances on traditional games like Poker, Slots, Black Jack and Roulette, or choose options like live dealer games and virtual reality games if that’s what your audience also looks for.

The possibilities are countless, so there should be games for everyone.

EvenBet: Development of Crypto Poker Platforms

EvenBet has been developing gambling and poker platforms for over 18 years. We have developed 38+ poker and card games, over 150 poker rooms launched,,  which are available in 38 countries. Our games are played by 30+ million users, and the number of transactions processed is 50,000 per second.

The company offers the following services:

  • Integration of 38 poker and card games on your website;
  • Support integration for over 140 coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.;
  • Implementation of anti-bot and anti-fraud systems;
  • Implementation of solutions for the joint use of cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

How to Develop a Cryptocasino

There are several stages in the development of a cryptocasino.

Step #1: Market Research

Market research is the starting point for launching your online casino. It can give you an overview of your potential competitors, their pros and cons, their profitability, target audience, etc.

Step #2: Monetisation

Every conscious businessman strives to make the most out of their investments. Monetisation relates to methods of earning income from the technological product.

Step #3: Hire a Software Development Team

No doubt, the development of an online casino is a technically-savvy task, and you need a good development team which can help you reach your goals unless you plan to get a fully customisable turnkey gaming product from a reliable supplier

A typical development team must include back-end and front-end engineers, a QA engineer, and UI/UX designer. Ideally, you need to hire a dedicated team which will take on all the aspects of software development processes. You can also choose an outsourcing development team, especially one that has relevant experience in development of blockchain solutions. The development of a blockchain gambling casino from scratch may take several years.

Step #4: Development

After you have hired a development team, it is time to address your ideas to запtheir uninterrupted operation. To do so, you should regularly update the system, fix any errors and issues, and upgrade your version. If you decide to obtain a technical solution from a software provider, the maintenance will be performed by them. Technical maintenance is needed to let your website and application operate trouble-free in the future, as your product will eventually receive much more traffic while more and more games will be added to your crypto casino.

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