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Recently, company CEO Dmitry Starostenkov has talked to the Gambler’s Post and has outlined the main ideas and principles with which a an innovative poker system must comply. Here’s a quote from the interview.

The main purpose of any poker application is to give players a positive user experience, to entice, to provoke and to retain interest.

For this, the app should comply a number of parameters corresponding to modern realities:

  • Convenience
    A very important characteristic for any poker application, no matter whether it’s web or mobile. If the application is uncomfortable to manage, the users just leave and that’s it.All people are naturally lazy. And this is normal. No one will spend much time in the jungle of your usability.And convenience is quite comprehensive concept and extends to everything, from settings to the game process itself. Everything should be convenient and clear: management, all sorts of templates, the generation of reports, and tracking of finance and so on and so forth.

    This is critical for any modern platform. The closer and easier for the administrator it is to get to the game data, the better.

    We check these with the help of testing. QA specialists and customers give us a good feedback. Using it we conclude how convenient or inconvenient the application or some particular function is. In this way we check not only the games themselves, but also the backend and the admin panel.

  • Customization
    At least some minimal possibilities for customization in gaming applications should be implemented, at least design settings.We live in a world where everything changes very quickly, plus this world is very diverse. And if you cannot change something in the application quickly and easily, with accordance to any cultural or other characteristic of the customer, you will be out in the cold.We offer a wide range of customization options for poker, which relate to both the design and appearance of the application, and its “insides”, directly a set of games and their features. So, for example, at the request of the client, we can add statistics module, notification window, waiting list, additional payment functions and things like that.
  • Omnichannel
    One more requirement that the modern world presents to us.The application should function successfully on all platforms, desktop, web and mobile. Especially on the web and mobile: people have become more mobile, they are playing less using a desktop computer, and prefer to run the game from smartphones or other devices.So, according to H2 Gambling Capital, the leading consulting company of the gambling industry, in 2017 the mobile gaming market grew by 14.9 billion euros, this is 36.6%. And this is far from the limit. The share of the mobile in online gambling will continue to grow at a at rapid-fire pace. H2 Gambling Capital predicts that this year it will increase by 17.4 billion euros and 39.1% respectively. And by 2022 the mobile market will grow by 27.9 billion euro that is 49.5%, almost in double. The conclusions are obvious.
  • Entertainment
    Actually, the things that help you to attract and keep users. Everyone needs interest, excitement, adrenaline. And, of course, communication, involvement. The application without will be doomed to failure.The entertainment and involvement in our poker we provide with the help of a whole range of different techniques and tools:Live chat. Players can exchange replicas in a chat, communicate with each other, discuss the events, share emotions.
    A wide choice of tournaments – Heads Up, Spins, Sit&Go (at the same table), Spin&Go (with three players), MTT, freerolls and others. Players, by the way, can create their own tournaments and events.

All this is only a minimum set of requirements, in fact there are much more, these are only the most basic ones. But by following them, you can already honorably represent yourself in the global gaming market and not to get lost on the background of others.

Read the full interview here.