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With the massive surge of online casinos in the gambling industry, the demand for high-quality services and products shows no signs of slowing down. Casino game developers in their turn are focusing more on creating for players the best experience possible. 

Poker is one of the most popular table games that dominates the gambling industry with numerous followers. There are many variations of this game and companies are always in search of qualified vendors. Casino game development is a good way to stand out from competitors, raise the interest among players and increase their loyalty to the site. Logically, vendors are looking for an opportunity to promote their projects using unique games. In this article, we will have a look at the stages of creating casino games and in particular, poker. 

Stages of creating poker games 

Casino game developers operate according to a particular scheme, which is necessary to follow to get a high-quality product. Developing poker games for a casino takes a lot of time and effort, but the overall result is definitely worth it. Let’s delve deeper into the stages step by step.  


The first step is a documented idea. Before a poker game is created, companies spend a lot of time to come up with a concept that would make the product original and distinguished from the other ones.  


As soon as the concept is created, the next part is setting up a prototype. Rough development is needed to evaluate gameplay, test mechanics and verify key technical parameters. This is the initial version of a full-fledged poker game with streamlined gameplay. 

Implementation of the project 

At this stage, designers and visual artists are involved in the project. After the graphics are created, the developers combine all the components into a single system. The visual side is the most important aspect because that’s what the customers see first before they start playing. 


After setting up the product, test players are invited. Their task is to play and to note flaws. If there are bugs and inconsistencies, they are eliminated by the programming team, which is responsible for the smooth performance of the game. 

Product release 

When the developers of poker games complete their tasks, the marketing group gets down to business: they advertise new games, deliver demo versions, publish reviews and feedback from testers. 

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