EvenBet Gaming Poker Versions History

Check all the newest updates and features for EvenBet Poker software.

Version 8.8.2


We continue to work on our Casino Games module available with seamless integration in our gaming platform. In addition, some new useful settings are available in this version:

  • Cash Games: in Call Break, you may choose between two different win models: with one or two winners.
  • Promotions: while creating a promo task for Casino Games, one may choose all available providers from the Games section.
  • Finance: new option for the payment processing systems – “Only preferred currency is available for the players”
  • UI: games player for the casino games integrated into the website.
  • UI: casino games configuration now has skins support.
  • UI: if a table has a waiting list, one may see the players on it.

Version 8.8.1


We’ve made some interesting changes in the UI, added bonus balance, and more. Let’s see what’s new?

  • UI: do you want more attention to a specific tournament? Pin it to the top of the list!
  • UI: add casino games to favorites for quick access.
  • Promotions: localise any promo you need with new backoffice settings.
  • Finance: bonus balance is now available. Full balance transparency for a user and ease of management for the operator!
  • Tournaments: for multi-phase tourneys, you may see the repeated entries to the final tournament.

Version 8.7.2


Introducing several important in-play and payment options in this update:

  • Added Rematch mechanics for SNG tournaments.
  • New countdown timer mechanics for sitting out players.
  • Fixed rake option for AoF tables.
  • Added alternative mode for the timer functionality at Call Time tables.
  • Web Client: tournament information is shown on the table.
  • Backoffice: a set of privileges to work with players’ chat.
  • New cryptocurrency payment system support: AlphaPo/Coinspad.
  • New payment systems with fiat currencies support: CashApp, Biterange, Etherium (supports crypto as well).

Version 8.7.1


We continue to improve our Promotion module; in addition to that, we have added a few game mechanics updates:

  • Integration with third-party affiliate and marketing tools is now much easier due to the new third-party players’ tracking module.
  • Cashier provides information on bonus balance.
  • Promotions: Wagering for bonus and award unlock.
  • Promotions: an award can be unlocked to the bonus balance.
  • Promotions: Join code option added to the Payment Transaction task.
  • Call Break: new game modification for 3 players
  • While changing the tournament settings, an administrator may also change Guaranteed prize amount.
  • Winning chance estimation is available at Run It Twice tables.

Version 8.6.2


This update will probably take your online poker room marketing to the new level. Check the new features for game and promotion management:

  • New set of advanced administrative tools for setting up game access directly in the backoffice: manage access to the mini-games, cash games, tournaments, spins, and more.
  • Promotions: new set of bonus unlock rules for Completed Campaigns.
  • Promotions: additional filters allowing to group players by made transactions time.
  • Promotions: Referral Rake task added.
  • The award value for the promotional task may exceed 100%.

Version 8.6.1


New game is available everywhere, bonus management is becoming easier, and more. What’s new in this midsummer platform version:

  • Call Break, our latest game, is available across all devices
  • Bonuses can be deposited at the separate bonus balance
  • Promotion rewards might be sent to bonus balance as well
  • New Anti-Fraud module features and settings
  • Limit player’s options to leave the table with Call Time feature
  • Turn skins on and off anytime
  • In tournament lobby, Pin to top every tournament you want

Version 8.5.1


A bunch of small but useful improvements for a better room management:

  • New Admin feature: use captcha for a more secure login into the web backoffice.
  • New Tournament feature: bounty might be included in the guaranteed prize.
  • New Payment feature: setting up default currency at the player registration if multiple currencies are used.
  • New Engagement feature: Stream Mode in web client for better poker games streaming support.

Version 8.4.2


For almost a month, we’ve been working on this groundbreaking platform update, and now we are very excited to welcome a new game! See the details:

  • New game: Call Break. If you work with players from Asia, you might know it: a simple yet exciting variation of Spades for four players. Check it now!
  • Updated design for web HTML5 client software: more modern and bright.
  • New Promo feature: redeem codes can be used in promotional campaigns.
  • New Game feature: Call Time, limiting the player’s options to leave the table depending on time.

Version 8.4.1


Work doesn’t stop for a day! Here’s what’s new for April EvenBet Poker update:

  • New payment system added: Bambora.
  • Setting up the money exchange rates corrections.
  • Tournament statistics reports now include players’ re-entry fees.
  • External login method is available for skins.
  • Auto rebuy setting for mobile applications.
  • You may set rakeback for a custom group of users.
  • We’ve added rules for clearance of blockings received at the promotional campaigns.

Version 8.3.2


We continue to work on the migration to the new architecture. Besides that, we have made a few regular updates, including:

  • In the tournaments, tickets may be given away as a Second prize.
  • Run It Twice is available for 6-card Omaha games.
  • New type of award for promotional campaigns: Financial Limit.
  • Special module to generate reports for Curaçao licence holders.

Version 8.3.1


This updates sets a huge landmark in our poker platform development. We have started to implement new architecture, and some customers may already notice the growth in the system performance. Among less significant novelties, there are:

  • In Telesina (a new game launched this year), Run It Twice option is now available.
  • Casino features are fully supported by the affiliates’ module.
  • New affiliate reports are introduced.
  • EvenBet Clubs: new role for club management, Subagent.
  • Better Rabbit Hunting option model.

Version 8.2.2


The work on Clubs improvement continues! Also, a number of new settings for the classic poker solution is available:

  • In Poker Clubs, we have improved the behaviour for OFC time-limit tables. Once the limit is reached, the game will continue until the end of the ongoing hand.
  • More currencies are available!
  • Bounty guarantee now may be charged directly from the affiliate if needed.

Version 8.2.1


For the last two weeks, we have been working hard on tournaments and clubs’ apps improvement. Here’s what is ready for the release:

  • In tournaments lobby, one may see the duration limits of the multi-phase tournament.
  • Additional setting allowing to cancel registration in Spin tournaments once the session is over.
  • New rights for promotions setting in poker, casino games, and sports betting.
  • In Clubs, Rabbit Hunting might be subject to availability depending on the hand stage.
  • In Clubs, endless chips on club’s balance might be activated.
  • Straddle now may be calculated depending on VPIP statistics.
  • Better mechanics helping identify client software connection problems.
  • Fixed a problem interrupring the correct Pause work for Time-based tables.

Version 8.1.1


Did you need more options for affiliates and tournaments? We have them:

  • New model for affiliates to perform rakeback payout to their players.
  • Added special rights for affiliates to work with the poker tables.
  • A tournament setting that can make your life easier: “Late Registration = Re-Buy Period”.
  • Responsible Gaming module now fully supports multi-currency.
  • In EvenBet Poker Clubs, a new role of club Sub-Owner is available.

Version 7.12.2


We are working on the further development of high-demanded features. This update includes:

  • The optional insurance purchase at the pre-flop
  • Automatic cancellation of Sit&Go tournaments that failed to start
  • Game results panel for Time-based poker tables

Version 7.12.1


Introducing a few critical adjustments for promotions and more:

  • Promotions module now works for casino games too
  • New award type for promotional campaigns: tournament ticket
  • Extended affiliates’ rights module
  • Hand for Hand mode can be selected for a specific tournament

Version 7.11.2


A new game type and a lot of useful features for detailed poker rooms’ setup:

  • New cash game type: Telesina. Now 34 cash poker games are available!
  • Block users login by the device type. For example, restrict authorisation from the smartphones (a strange idea, but who knows?).
  • All the changes in promotional campaigns are now logged.
  • Domain change tool is added to the backoffice.
  • Precise setup for AoF tables: turn on side pots and activate obligatory auto-rebuy.

Version 7.11.1


We are continuing to update EvenBet Poker platform in 2021. What’s in the first release this year?

  • Money in the System report has changed. Of course, for the better!
  • Add and manage payment and payout limits for the affiliates.

Version 7.10.2


Merry Christmas everyone! These holidays, try the new gaming options on our platform:

  • New cash game type: 2-7 Single Draw.
  • Rebuys and addons in the tournaments now can be performed with tickets.

Version 7.10.1


Several improvements for your holiday season games to run smoothly:

  • Better multi-phase tournaments display in the client applications
  • Check-box to automatically drop a chosen card in Pineapple Hold’em
  • Improved logic for Fold & Show option
  • Changes in jackpot draw conditions when the cards are mucked
  • Added the use of digit separators in the input fields for buy-ins and bets

Version 7.9.2


A lot of changes in the client interface, tournament settings, and huge news for mobile poker customers:

  • Casino games added to the native mobile applications. Woo hoo!
  • Mobile: push notification of the action needed at the active table will pop up even if the application is minimized
  • Real time results panel for time based poker table
  • Added a tournament choice dialog while registration with a ticket
  • Improved player’s status display in case they go all-in
  • New Share Prize option for setting up a tournament
  • New information in Tournaments List and Active Tournaments tables
  • Changeable promotions display for guest users
  • Improved access roles for backoffice users
  • Setting up the access to promotions settings for backoffice users based on their roles

Version 7.9.1


Minor improvements with significant impact on user experience:

  • Better blinds posting process for cash games
  • Settings for the repeated Run It requests
  • Affiliate reports now allow timezone setting

Version 7.8.2


A set of financial tweaks and better authorisation experience:

  • Added access settings for the guest role
  • Extended blocking options on password brute force attempts
  • New limits for automatic cashout requests
  • Text localisation for cashier deposit page
  • New affiliate’s setting “Player Pending Cashout Transactions”

Version 7.8.13


While our developers are working hard on new big features (we promise your players are going to like them!), we release another technical update allowing you to have bug-free up-to-date poker platform.

Version 7.8.12


Nothing special. Just making the software perform better than before.

Version 7.8.11


Another set of bug fixes and improvements. It is important sometimes to work on the small things!

Version 7.8.1


No new features this time, but a long list of minor fixes and small improvements that will positively affect the gaming experience. Everything works just fine!

Version 7.7.2


Last update this summer provides new tools to manage your games and users with even more ease:

  • Mass users registration from .csv files.
  • Tables preview in the desktop client application lobby.
  • New access rights for tournaments.
  • New and better banks and probability math for Spin&Go tournaments.

Version 7.7.1


Wow! This week, we have released a huge update for poker clients design and a new ante poker game type. Look what’s new:

  • New game type, Ante Without Blinds No Initial Bet. It is used for Draw poker games.
  • New multitable mode: player change change the windows sizes and save the current layout.
  • Animation for refreshing data in web poker client lobby.
  • New affiliate report allowing to track reconciliation operations between skins.

Also, we have added something new to the Poker Clubs platform:

  • Updated functionality for leaving the club.
  • For in-app reports, users may setup preferable time zone.
  • Number of records in the reports may be set up and configured to the user preferences.

Version 7.6.2


At the moment, we are finishing the development of several really cool features. Some of them will be available as soon as this month, and for now you might want to check these ones:

  • Satellite tournaments may be completed early using the new functionality
  • New resources for Backoffice users
  • Updates for recording tournament fees in the Affiliate Profit report
  • Enhanced rights of access to tables and tournaments

Version 7.6.1


In this update, we are introducing several small but powerful options for the better poker room management. Also, mobile poker apps are getting better each day!

  • Reset all players’ balance in the Maintenance mode
  • Return the fees for the unfinished tournaments to the players
  • Rake from private and common tables is counted separately
  • Set up different rights in the lobby for the players’ groups
  • New parameter to setup an insurance default status for the table
  • For client notification, default parameters may be set
  • New report available: “Waiting List”
  • In the “User List” report, player’s activation status is shown
  • In the affiliate’s “Players List” report, one may see notes
  • Use simple “Pull to refresh” gesture in the mobile app to update the tables or the tournaments list
  • New data sorting mechanics for mobile applications

Version 7.5.2


System core updates:

  • Add chat-bot to the tables to improve communication with players
  • Special chat messages for people watching the game at the table
  • Pocket cards might be optionally hidden at the table
  • Affiliates get privileges allowing to work with the game’s tables
  • User’s Report now contains all information on cash tables and tournaments played
  • Add Force Straddle option while creating a new table

Web HTML5 poker client improvements:

  • New super option! Insurance for all-in bets
  • New Display Currency settings

Version 7.5.1


System core updates:

  • While creating a new table, you may setup asking for “Run It Twice” option always
  • Knockout fee is now may be optionally included in the buy-in
  • Straddle can be setup as the additional blind
  • Segmentation of players, tables, and tournaments

New in Poker Clubs:

  • Tournaments are shown on agent’s data screen
  • Games time are now displayed better in Club Data and Union Data

Version 7.4.2


Platform, tournaments, and games updates:

  • Client applications now work on QT Quick. May sound meaningless to you, but means a lot for their performance.
  • New mode for Run It Twice added.
  • Multi-phase tournaments are available.
  • Push notifications support images. Make them colorful and powerful!
  • Browser tab shows the indication of the move in a play.
  • Better performance while changing the tables layout at QT.
  • New setting to make corrections in the users’ phone numbers.
  • Additional parameters to setup HFH-mode.

New in affiliates and promotions modules:

  • Classification is created automatically on adding a new affiliate.
  • Users are automatically included in the affiliate’s classification.
  • Banner Management module supports using different skins.

New in EvenBet Poker Clubs:

  • New screen for agents’ stats.
  • Games results data now include tournaments fees.

Version 7.4.1


The online poker platform has received two updates:

  • New promotions module to make customer’s marketing more effective and attractive.
  • Enhanced support for devices with notch.

Poker Clubs games are becoming stunningly professional with new features:

  • Balancing tables are now supported. Make sure that the game is fun all the time!
  • At MTTs, you may setup different time settings for game levels.

Version 7.3.2


A few small changes to make more fun during the game.

  • Emojis support for mobile and desktop poker client applications. Share your joy over a winning hand or your anger when you have a straight and lose to that guy with a full house.
  • Web client application now shows money in the BB.
  • To limit sitting at the table in Poker Clubs, owners may use Vpip option now.

Version 7.3.1


A huge update for Poker Clubs platform! Enjoy easier clubs management and new features.

  • Tables filters panel in the club lobby.
  • Clubs’ monitoring reports on sales and rake in the app.
  • Tables templates can be saved.
  • Jackpots are shown in the Union data.
  • New way to fulfill the club jackpot moneybank.
  • Tables with seats limited by VPIP player’s stats.

Version 7.2.2


There was one truly important feature missing at Poker Clubs games. Now everything’s at place – in this update, we have realised clubs jackpot games. Go get it!

Version 7.2.1


In these disturbing and uncertain times, we have released an update to make our online poker software safer, financial management easier and more manageable. Nice to know that you have full control over your igaming business finance!

  • You may limit the number and the frequency of user’s deposits requests.
  • Received P2P-transactions clearance mechanics is better and more transparent now.
  • New payout model for affiliates with dynamic rate profit.
  • For Rummy, set the number of deals while sitting out.
  • P2P-transactions may be cancelled in a cashier.
  • New custom transaction API method added.
  • For EvenBet Poker Clubs applications, game info is showed on the club tables.
  • For Clubs, you may set the number of levels to be played before the break in a tournament.

Version 7.1.2


Now comes the time for all the new features we’ve added last months to be polished and to check if everything else is working perfectly. In this update, we have optimised our software and made a number of small improvements.

Version 7.1.1


More, more poker games! Sometimes, we try to count how many games we have but usually fail. The only thing we can say for sure is that our poker software has more than 30 games variations by now.

  • Meet 6 Card Omaha! The latest and the newest trend in online poker is already here.
  • Triton poker is added to the client software based on QT.
  • At EvenBet Clubs tables, rebuy and addon information is now showed to players.
  • Rebuy and addon commissions are now counted and showed on Union Data and Club Results screens.

Version 6.12.2


  • Quick messages and emojis are available for the table chat.
  • New banners settings: different animation types, autoplay, and more.
  • Monitoring and full control over all outgoing transactions to third-party systems in the backoffice.
  • Room profit limits setting (useful for licensing in some jurisdictions).
  • In EvenBet Poker Clubs, choose the number of levels to play before a break in the tournament settings.
  • In Clubs, a comment might be added for each transaction in a club cashier.
  • In Club Earnings reports, the tournaments results also count.

Version 6.12.1


New game and a few fixes for the important game options for more enjoyable experience and more profitable operation are here.

  • New game type added: Gavi.
  • Quick messages option is available.
  • New settings for more precise time management for straddle and blinds.
  • Mobile client applications now have Results screen with games stats data.
  • For EvenBet Poker Clubs, admins may send notifications to clubs’ members.
  • Fixes for P2P money transfers clearance, now works perfectly.

Version 6.11.2


Happy New Year! We are starting 2020 with a great pack of updates for poker software features, games set, and the client interface.

  • Side Live Betting option is added. Players can make live bets on sports without leaving the poker tables.
  • Mini Games are available for mobile applications (iOS and Android).
  • Country flag may be shown with the player’s avatar (optional).
  • For Poker Clubs, more player’s stats: includes tournaments data now.
  • Union games are shown in the club’s lobby.
  • Operators may use different prize tables for different tournaments types.
  • New report in the backoffice: Tournament Statistics.
  • Clubs and union in Poker Clubs software may be dismissed in the backoffice.
  • Tournaments tickets queue mode may be changed.
  • For Rummy cash games, the automatic win tax withholding is realized

Version 6.11.1


New options, more useful settings, more security: all the best you would want for your poker room for Christmas is here.

  • Operator may setup different starting stacks for players in the tournament.
  • Rake size may change throughout the day automatically.
  • Lucky One Hand – new option available for the tournaments.
  • Operator may request an obligatory password change from users.
  • Integration with appsflyer added.

Version 6.10.2


This time, we have updated both the main platform and the clubs solution. Meet new useful features!

  • Native client applications (Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android) support animated GIF and WEBP files. Emotions in motion, whoa!
  • Monte Carlo jackpot size may be adjusted depending on the blinds’ sizes.
  • You may choose a specific currency to show in the client application.
  • For EvenBet Clubs, we have a new and better Game Data interface.
  • In Clubs, you may now export the union stats data to a special screen.

Version 6.10.1


Using an affiliate system for your poker room or casino? EvenBet Poker platform now has JS trackers for affiliates’ tables, so you have even more data on your system.

Version 6.9.2


This update is very important! We have a new game and a new significant tech option for mobile poker:

  • New type of Shortdeck (Six-plus) Hold’em – Triton Poker.
  • Mobile client applications support Appsflyer now.

Version 6.9.1


This week’s update adds more financial tools to the platform:

  • One more pre-integrated payment processing system, PayUbiz.
  • More services for currency exchanges rates monitoring.

Version 6.8.3


Meet a new web poker application design! You may already try its gorgeous look in live poker demo.

Version 6.8.2


Mobile poker tables look and work better now. For a while, we’ve been creating their new design. Now enjoy the results!

Version 6.8.1


New poker platform update comes with a bunch of small but powerful options for our customers. Make precise adjustments to earn more from online poker!

  • If you use skins, you can setup different currency options for each of them. So good for those who work in several local markets!
  • More functionality while setting up the users rights in the backoffice.
  • Web poker client application now supports Farsi.
  • Multi-table mode works better now for those players who use several screens.

Version 6.7.5


It may be not easy to notice what exactly has changed after this update. But your players will feel that the system is now more reliable and safe due to a few technical fixes and improvements.

Version 6.7.4


This week, we have one wow-update and one nice client app skin enhancement, aside from a usual set of fixes and improvements:

  • Integration with Sportsbook (provided by our partners) is ready!
  • In mobile apps, 4-colors cards sets are supported now. Just a reminder, all our applications skins are changeable.

Version 6.7.2


New poker applications localisation is added; we have Turkish language now. Hoşgeldiniz türkçe konuşmacıları!

Version 6.7.1


Just another set of improvements and fixes. While some spend sweet time at the beach, some make poker platform work better.

Version 6.6.4


The number of poker games available at our gaming platform is over 30 now, quite impressive! In this update, we have added two more:

  • Turkish Poker
  • 5 Card Draw 7-A

Version 6.6.3


Probably you won’t notice any changes in this version. Because we have made a bunch of invisible yet important fixes and technical improvements for the system to work without flaws.

Version 6.6.2


We continue to improve poker platform back office, and two major changes are realised in this version:

  • New dashboards for better visualisation of the main poker room data.
  • Dynamic user groups in user management system for more effective and easier segmentation.

Version 6.5.4


What’s new?

  • Poker admin panel supports Spanish. Estamos encantados de hablar su idioma!
  • Rabbit Hunting tables are available.

Version 6.5.3


Hot summer updates come with new games and happier poker players! What’s new?

  • The whole news games family for Poker Clubs mobile applications: Mixed Games, proved to be loved by players on our main poker platform.
  • Balancing Play Now tables are added so that a player would be always satisfied with the automatic table choice.

Version 6.5.2


It’s a lucky day for those who have been missing new games over the last few weeks! The newest online poker software version has one:

  • Ante Only Holdem is ready to play! Finally, equal rights for everyone at the table ?
  • New payment system integration added. RBK is very popular in Eastern Europe and CIS regions; good news for poker operators targeting these countries.

Version 6.4.5


A lot of new features for EvenBet Poker Clubs! The most important are these.

  • VIP Cards for players and club owners are available for purchase (benefits included are defined by the app owner).
  • Insurance is giving clubs players a chance to return their bets when they go all-in.
  • Clubs levels are supported.

In the poker platform, we are happy to introduce a new payments processing provider integrated – Instamojo.

Version 6.4.4


We have significant technical changes for the platform. What’s new?

  • Android devices with screen notch are supported now.
  • We have changed RNG algorithm from SIMD Fast Mersenne Twister to ISAAC. You may have no idea what it means, but trust us, randomness could never be more fast and random.

Version 6.4.3


More easy ways to accept payments from your players with a new processing system added – RazorPayX. It works greatly in some challenging markets, India for example.

Version 6.4.2


Another update that makes the poker platform better, if not visibly, then certainly in performance.

Version 6.3.4


More than 300 new casino games thanks to integration with PlayPearls, our partner and gaming content provider.

Version 6.3.3


Another technical update with a dozen of small enhancements to guarantee smooth and exciting poker experience.

Version 6.3.2


Ante Only games are supported now. A whole new world of poker games variations opens!

Version 6.3.1


New security and fraud prevention option! Administrators may restrict devices from login and registering in the game.

Version 6.2.4


You don’t always need to bring something new to provide a better gaming experience. Sometimes, all you need is to make the existing features work smooth and perfect. And this update is all about it.

Version 6.2.3


What’s new?

  • Web client application supports Facebook and Google login authorization. Easier to login – faster to play!
  • Tables with necessary and obligatory Run It Twice are now available.

Version 6.2.2


Three new payment processing systems are supported by the poker platform: AmicoPay, JBANQ, and Saman Electronic Payment. The current list of payment methods includes over 20 processing systems available all over the world.

Version 6.2.1


In this week update, we are not presenting anything new but ensure better performance and system reliability. No more bugs, just pure fun.

Version 6.1.4


Super update with truly groundbreaking options! At least two of them were long-awaited – enjoy:

  • Manage integrated casino games directly from the poker admin panel.
  • Mini Games are available in web poker client. Yeee-ha!
  • New casino games provider for integration, OneTouch.

Version 6.1.3


While our team was presenting poker platform at ICE London 2019, we kept working on the new functionality. What’s in this week update?

  • Mini Games are available for downloadable poker clients.
  • In Poker Clubs, the statistics is updated with two new parameters, W$SD% and AFQ.

Version 6.1.2


Run It Twice feature support is added for 5 more cash games types: 5-Card Omaha, 5-Card Omaha H/L, Courchevel, Pineapple Holdem, and 6-Plus Holdem.

Version 6.1.1


A technical platform release with several fixes and performance improvements.

Version 5.12.3


This week, the owners of mobile poker applications and their users are having two new features to enjoy:

  • Jackpot SNG (Spins) tournaments are now available for mobile users. More money to win, more players – more rake!
  • Poker table orientation can be changed dynamically at any second in a game. Portrait or landscape, whichever is more handy at the moment.

Version 5.12.2


If you are looking for the better poker tournaments software, here it comes:

  • New option for the exciting games! Progressive knockout tournaments added.
  • Hand for hand in tournaments now works perfectly.

Version 5.12.1


Christmas poker update doesn’t bring you a single big gift, but a bunch of small and nice presents. What’s new?

  • In Spins tournaments, the choice of currency is available.
  • Easy switch between payments processing systems: administrator may turn them on or off directly in the backoffice.
  • Push notifications may be sent to Android mobile users.
  • Mobile users quick search is available.

Version 5.11.4


More ways to accept payments pre-integrated! Now your players may also use Mellat payments processing, which is very useful for those in Armenia, Turkey, Iraque, South Korea, Hong Kong, and a number of other countries.

Version 5.11.3


In this version, our poker platform has become even more reliable with top effective tools and more convienient with new localisations:

  • Cloudflare is supported for all client software types. Use one of the most effective DDOS protections tools free!
  • New languages packs: Armenian and Traditional Chinese.

Version 5.11.2


Progressive Web Applications support is added. Playing poker online never was so easy and secure!

Version 5.11.1


Newest version has something to offer both to players and to poker owners. Here are the changes:

  • Portrait mode is available for mobile version of Chinese poker games.
  • In backoffice, one may track the online players geography on the map.

Version 5.10.5


Not a single day without a performance improvement! We continue to fix bugs and errors to make sure that nothing spoils your players’ excitement.

Version 5.10.4


No major changes for this version, but you may note that the software runs smoother and with less errors, if you had any.

Version 5.10.3


Wow! Poker Clubs version was completely redesigned to provide your players with unique excitement and truly enjoyable poker.

Version 5.10.2


Get better user experience and smoother work with performance improvements and a few errors fixed.

Version 5.10.1


Our iGaming platform becomes more useful and more secure nearly every week. Here’s what’s new in the latest version:

  • Google Analytics is integrated into the backoffice. Now massive data on users are available right into the poker management office!
  • A few errors were fixed, and general system performance was improved.

Version 5.9.4


Long-expected big update of the whole platform notifications system! All the notifications to users are created and managed directly from the poker admin panel. Customers may use email, SMS, and push notifications in any combinations needed.

Version 5.9.3


Short deck game available for all clients, and more news!

  • Short Deck Holdem (Six Plus) is now available for all client software types.
  • In web version, the portrait table orientation was redesigned for better UX.
  • More payments providers (over 20 totally available now): welcome two new ones, UNPayOnline and Macaubus.

Version 5.9.2


As leaves start to fall, the updates are speeding up! This week we have plenty to announce:

  • Lobby chat is available in web poker software now.
  • Two-factor authentication is supported in downloadable version.
  • More security with enhanced protection from password brute force attacks.
  • New currency settings: changeable thousands and fractions separator, and display format.
  • Rabbit Hunting added to Poker Clubs edition.
  • Bad Beat Jackpot is available at Omaha cash tables.

Version 5.9.1


Two big features added to the web version:

  • Players’ chat in the lobby.
  • New Six Plus Holdem game (also known as Short Deck Poker) available.

Version 5.8.4


Mobile version has a new context menu for a poker table seats. Now players may choose to sit here, or to mark the place as favourite, or to add notes to it.

Version 5.8.3


New useful features for poker players added:

  • In Chinese poker, a warning notification of invalid hand appears.
  • In HTML5 client application, players may search and invite other users.

Version 5.8.2


The last Summer 2018 update affects mobile poker apps and our newest Poker Clubs solution, mobile as well.

  • Replay and hand history features are available in native mobile applications.
  • Optional rake may be used for Poker Clubs, should an app hoster need it.
  • Managers and Agents support added to the Poker Clubs system. Acquire more users with this proved marketing tool and setup commissions and rewards.

Version 5.8.1


Introducing several performance improvements and a few errors fixed.

Version 5.7.5


This version has several new features for Chinese poker games and backoffice:

  • New OFC Poker game with the pot share after each hand played.
  • Hints buttons added for existing combinations in Fantasyland Chinese poker.
  • Game replay option is available in backoffice.

Version 5.7.4


This update provides new personalisation options both for system setting and front-end:

  • Rake percentage may be customised for every single table.
  • In the new lobby design, each screen supports graphic skins.

Version 5.7.3


Universal HTML5 poker client software now has ante cash games available.

Version 5.7.2


A few minor improvements and bugs fixed.

Version 5.7.1


More control and personalisation tools for your games! New version allows different IP and location (including GPS) restrictions for tables or tournaments.

Version 5.6.4


Here is another major system update! New features include:

  • To earn legally from mobile poker is now easier! In-App purchases are available to integrate into any version of Evenbet Poker mobile apps.
  • TFA added to client applications.
  • Mixed games are available for HTML5 cross-platform client app.

Version 5.6.1


New Features:

  • Ante cash games full support.
  • More money types and more convenient cash management: multi-currency system was improved and extended, and currencies localisation added.
  • Updated and more handy cashier for HTML5 poker client.

Version 5.5.4


A few minor tweaks to improve platform performance and stability.

Version 5.5.3


New Poker Games added:

  • Mixed games: HORSE, HOSE, 8-Game Mix, HOE, OE, HA, Omaha H/L Mixed
  • Ante cash games

Version 5.5.2


Introducing major changes to poker localisation system! It is already working for server messages and being implemented everywhere else right now.

Version 5.5.1


Smoother work and better performance thanks to errors fixed.

Version 5.4.4


New Features:

  • Integrated a new set of beautifully designed and exciting casino games created by GameArt.
  • A few improvements and bugfixes.

Version 5.4.3


New Features:

  • Wow-feature! Casino games added into the downloadable desktop client.
  • Players will love the looks: new avatars’ system.
  • Better performance for mobile apps: the lists are loading faster and work smoother now.

Version 5.4.2


More excitement for desktop client users with the new bright Spins games design!

Version 5.4.1


New Features:

  • Backoffice is safer than ever now: it supports two-factor authorisation. Use may choose whichever method you like: Google Authenticator, SMS, or email.

Version 5.3.4


New Features:

  • New option for those who’s growing fast: game administrators may dynamically increase the number of poker game servers.

Version 5.3.3


New Features:

  • New cash game is available in HTML5 client: Courchevel.
  • Bitcoin processing module supports segwit addresses.
  • Dogecoin is now supported.
  • HTML5 client size is optimized to load faster and consume less resources.

Version 5.3.2


More errors were fixed, and the performance now is better than ever!

Version 5.2.4


New Features:

  • Restrict and create special games using geographical targeting in backoffice. New options are available: manage countries, block registration from selected locations, offer geo-specific games.
  • Unique user devices identification now works perfectly.
  • New payment processing system is integrated: FastPay.

Version 5.2.3


Bugs were fixed, performance optimized.

Version 5.2.2


Attract more attention to selected tournaments and tables in the lists! Now administrators may highlight them using styles.

Version 5.2.1


New Features:

  • New game in HTML5 app! Introducing exciting and fast Spins
  • HTML5 client supports multi-table games
  • In OFC Poker games, dealt cards are shown (for HTML5 client)
  • PayPal payments integration added
  • A few improvements in downloadable client design

Version 5.1.5


Bugfix and optimization were performed.

Version 5.1.4


A few bugs fixed.

Version 5.1.3


Casino games added.

Version 5.1.2


Desktop application now offers an outstanding power to control and change the game sounds.

Version 4.12.4


Our system now supports two new payment processing operators: EcorePay and Payeer.

Version 4.12.3


Downloadable client version has a better chat! Now with customizable appearance.

Version 4.12.1


A few bugs fixed.

Version 4.11.5


New Features:

  • Scalable lobby space in downloadable poker client
  • Better replay view for HTML5 client

Version 4.11.4


New Features:

  • Enhanced financial limits management in backoffice
  • While logging in, users may choose any of the credentials: nickname, or email, or phone number
  • At showdown, the player may choose which cards will be shown
  • New regime for OFC Pineapple: calculation after each deal

Version 4.11.3


New Features:

  • Estimated winning chances are now shown in downloadable desktop clients
  • Better and easier backoffice: each function is linked with appropriate online documentation part

Version 4.11.2


New Features:

  • Now you may change system configuration without the restart. For example, you will not need to stop the system to switch between databases
  • Full HTTPS support for Android application. Yay! All traffic now goes through secure connection
  • Updated chat for downloadable client application
  • JWT support added to API

Version 4.11.1


New version has improved reliability. In case of main database server malfunction, it will automatically switch to maintenance mode. System administrator will have time to fix the main database or to switch to its’ replica.

Version 4.10.4


New Features:

  • Have an old and very basic smartphone or PC? No problem playing our HTML5 poker with comfort now, due to its optimized performance
  • In OFC poker games, discarded cards are shown to the players
  • Share prize games model is added to HTML5 client
  • New payments processing systems pre-integrated: XSolla and PokerCoin

Version 4.10.3


While we are working on several new major features, new version provides a number of bugs fixed and several custom options for the few customers. More updates are coming up next week!

Version 4.10.1


New Games Added:

  • Hold’em All-in or Fold
  • Omaha All-in or Fold

Version 4.9.4


New Features:

  • DoubleUp: new prize distribution model for Sit’n’Go tournaments

Version 4.9.3


New Features:

  • In downloadable poker clients, estimated chances to win are shown

Version 4.9.2


New Features:

  • Far less traffic consumption due to decreased channel load
  • Better HTML5 poker client performance

Version 4.9.1


New Features:

  • Beautiful charts in the backoffice based on JS instead of Flash
  • Enhanced functionality for the bot server to test the system load. Now bots act very much like live players. First tests, by the way, have showed the excellent system performance: 1 average server may serve up to 5000 playing users at one moment (over 1000 open poker tables)
  • HTML5 client supports advertising banners
  • New game added – Pineapple Hold’em

Version 4.8.5


New Features:

  • Private tables are now available in mobile applications
  • From now on, we use queue server RabiitMQ; it allows receiving poker server events data using the notifications queue

Version 4.8.4


New Features:

  • In HTML5 client, after all-in bet players may see the estimated winning chances
  • All mobile applications have Crashlytics module integrated to collect analytics data and various problems information

Version 4.8.3


New Features:

  • New cash games tables option: create a table open only in the given time of a day, for example, from 10 pm to 3 am
  • Chat in downloadable client applications supports smiles

Version 4.8.2


New Features:

  • In Rapid poker, new entry may be added to the already opened table
  • Maintenance Mode for the system. Now admin may set the maintenance time in advance; players will receive notifications in chat, tables and tournaments will be paused

Version 4.8.1


Changes in Version:

  • Several improvements to optimize data storage
  • Bugfix and custom features development

Version 4.7.4


New Features:

  • Now administrator may set specific rake settings for private tables
  • Different schemes of blind are possible to use in tournaments

+ several errors fixed.

Version 4.7.3


New API Updates:

  • JSON/Rest support
  • Documentation for Swagger is available
  • Different levels of API are available: public, client, server (for integration)

+ a few custom features for specific clients’ builds. We are also celebrating the first WebAPI implementation at our customer’s project!

Version 4.7.2


New Features:

  • New system settings design for Windows and Mac OS clients
  • Documentation is published online; customers may get access to it from their account managers

+ a few custom features for specific clients’ builds

Version 4.7.1


Several errors fixed and new features for specific customers’ builds added.

Version 4.6.2


New Features:

  • In HTML5 client, labeling added to Rapid tables
  • New games for HTML5 client: 2-7 Triple Draw, Razz, Badugi, Badeucy, Badacey
  • Prepaid card module added
  • Customers’ migration to websockets technology has started; demo versions are based on websockets already
  • Migration to QT 5.9 is completed

Version 4.6.1


Issues Fixed:

  • Error in HTML5 client functionality in Maintenance server status
  • Error in banners module
  • Error in long players’ nicknames display

+ a few issues in specific customers’ builds

New Features:

  • OFC Progressive Pineapple game added to HTML5 client
  • OKPay and Payeer support added
  • Certificates’ check at client’s and server’s site added
  • New plug-in for WordPress with Poker Widgets system support based on WordPress widget

+ several different features for specific customers’ builds

Version 4.1.22


Issues Fixed:

  • Errors in Rapid poker for HTML5 fixed
  • CGP is now correctly displayed after the player’s nickname change
  • Symbols and fields in Description of special prize are now displayed
  • Error for the click on the card’s field in Chinese poker
  • Disappearing usernames in chat after the table re-opening
  • Banners display for affiliates’ skins

New Features:

  • Players Notes and Color players tags added to HTML5
  • Responsible Gaming page for Windows and OS X clients
  • Favorite place setting is now stored on the server and does not depend on user’s client application
  • Country added to sessions and monitoring reports

Version 4.1.21


Issues Fixed:

  • User table setup error for HTML5 client
  • Overloading of CPU by Node.JS
  • Several errors in Rapid and Chinese poker games

New Features:

  • Google Analytics integration with HTML5 client
  • Backoffice reports can be exported to CSV, XLS or OpenDocument files
  • Access permissions to reports and lists in backoffice are now easily managed at the columns level

Version 4.1.20


Issues Fixed:

  • Incorrect bets display in tournament tables history
  • Problem with Player’s rake export to CSV
  • User block error
  • Visual errors in downloadable client software for Mac
  • Fiscal Report error

New Features:

  • In HTML5 client’s tables list, players now see how many seats are occupied at the table
  • Chinese poker games are added to the mobile version (native)
  • New security reports added
  • Backoffice differs Replica / Master connection
  • Lower traffic and load for lobby server due to new messages distribution between lobby and game servers

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